by Gregory Page

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    These songs were written in the 200 year old Saint Kilda cemetery, Melbourne Australia. Upon returning home he teamed up with long time friend Jeff Berkley (Kerrville New Folk Songwriter winner) to record this unique collection of songs. It was carefully mastered by Gavin Lurssen (“Oh Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack). Like the music of Hank Williams Sr., Mississippi John Hurt, Etta James, Townes Van Zandt, Harold Arlen & Cole Porter, Page is not inspired by American music he is American Music.

    If you believed the era of meaningful and musically brilliant tunes had been relegated to antiquity, discover Gregory David Page in his latest album Bird in a Cage. Gregory Page records a dark and provoking composition to inspire musicians and online lovers. His vintage vocals and dusty blues rhymes are illuminated by the ensemble of strings, both classic and folk. Your first impression of his music will not last.

    Gregory Page's recordings are numerous and varied, but well-timed with the new breed of intimate and meloncholy Indie, birthed by post 9/11 artists such as Elvis Perkins and Iron and Wine. Page's musical influences stem from his childhood in England at the conception of modern popular music - on the very lap of Paul McCartney. A self-proclaimed recluse, his talent has brewed in the US, but Australia is now his recording home. His eclectic musical entourage on the album includes organ, banjo, dobro, mandolin, erhu chinese violin, accordian, violin, viola, cello, piano, upright and bowed bass, pedal steel and guitars, and drums.

    Page's lyrics in Bird in a Cage are satirical, stimulating social conscience and spirituality. The seering strings blend with haunting background vocals; whereas on other tracks, he dares to push the country button. The album's opener Diamonds and Rocks is ironically like the closing song at a small town dance. Dusty Road delivers a quiet country-love song, reminiscant of The Waifs' touring songs.

    Bird In A Cage features

    Jim Soldi on electric guitar (Johnny Cash)

    Dennis Caplinger on banjo & dobro (Eric Clapton)

    Rich Weiss on Pedal Steel & Co-Producer (Jim Laud erdale)

    AJ Croce on piano

    Ray Suen on Ehru, Mandolin & Viola (The Killers)

    Erik Kertes on Upright Bass (Michael Bublé)

    Erin Breene Principal Cellist of the Juilliard Orchestra,

    Robert Schumitzty on Violin (Hollywood Bowl Orchestra)

    Cindy Wasserman singing harmony (John Doe)

    Gabe Feenberg on Accordion (Old Man Hands)

    Brain Cantrell on Drums & Cymbles (Tim Blum)

    BIRD IN A CAGE is also available on 12" Vinyl.

    Maverick Magazine UK ~ “A quite exclusive voice that oozes sweetness and romanticism”

    Judy Collins says, “Gregory is a great American songwriter whose work I love”

    NPR Radio ~ “Page’s music is nostalgic; his warbling & instrumentation sound straight out of the phonograph. Listening to him transplants us to some Great Gatsby-like setting where everyone dresses for cocktail hour.

    Penthouse Magazine ~ “A brilliant collection of optimistic melancholy beautiful and aching. The sound of remorse tempered by dark humor”

    Performing Songwriter Magazine ~ Imagine Neil Young composing music for 1930s-era Italian films and you’ll get an idea of Gregory Page. His wavering tenor brings life to lyrics about mysterious hauntings, broken hearts and city parks in the springtime. There’s a sparkling, music-box quality to many of the tunes and a comfy ambience to his music that, day or night, will certainly set the mind to dreaming.

    Unlock Austin Magazine ~ Gregory Page has the rare talent to write songs that are melancholy, nostalgic and contemporary. He is a modern vaudevillian. While it seems the rest of the music world is dedicated to a mantra of bigger, faster, louder, this music rises above. Gregory has recorded a timeless album.

    Santa Barbara Independent ~ To spend an evening in his company is like sitting in a living room with your best friend. His engaging songs and endearing banter are free from pretense and latent with cause. He makes being a singer-songwriter looks easy. Which begs the question: “What’s it really like to be a troubadour?” “I like to think of it as being independently wealthy,” says Page. “You’re completely independent of wealth.”

    Rolling Stone Magazine ~ “Gregory Page, never heard of him”
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released January 3, 2009



all rights reserved


Gregory Page San Diego, California


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Track Name: Dusty Road
Dusty Road

Dusty road kicking up a storm
Hank on the radio pedal on the floor
I’m burning out of your life once and for all
No turning back on the interstate
Don’t know where I’m going
But I know I couldn’t stay
Tail lights from freight liners guide my way
I could drive down to Mexico
Or out to New York City, maybe Chicago
I’ve longed to see Californ-i-a
Where the golden sun shines
The whole damn day
And I’ve dreamt about Texas
With it’s big blue sky
And I’d like to see Nashville
Where country music died
Where I am now is in my car alone
Tonight I call this truck stop home
All the fights and the tears we shed
Don’t amount to nothing
When they’re swept under the bed
It’s better to forgive and forget
You’re wondering now where I am
I’m wondering why I’m here again
Because I miss you but know this is the end
Dusty road, pedal on the floor
Hank on the radio singing,
“I Won’t Be Home No More
Track Name: Foolish Heart
Foolish Heart

I could have loved you ‘til the end of time
But our time ended suddenly one night
You stole my foolish heart committed a crime
Now I’m all alone with trouble on my mind
I wish I could have seen the storm coming in
Like pouring rain in your arms I fell in
I know my foolish heart can never win
Love can teach you how to feel again and again
So sad to think of all the laughs we had
And all those fancy nights out on the town
Now I walk those same streets up and down
But the city lights don’t shine as bright
without you around
Through the years and looking back I see
You had to vanish like a cloud from me
I know my foolish heart
Now flies like a bird that’s free
Singing a new song with a sweet melody
Track Name: Diamonds & Rocks
Diamonds & Rocks

Somedays are diamonds
Somedays are rocks
I roll with the punches
I can’t remember what I forgot
My head is now empty
My heart stopped
The day I fell in love with you
In dreams she wakes me up
Just to knock me down
I sleep with one eye open
With my ear to the ground
Listening for her footsteps
At my door I hear a sound
Who’s there, is that you?
Because I’m really gone
I won’t be played like a guitar
And strung along
Our love was wrong, all wrong
In life there are lessons
Like don’t talk back to cops
Don’t listen to Kenny G
Don’t eat the legs off of frogs
Don’t ask an atheist if they believe in God
And don’t fall in love with you
Track Name: The Love For Me
The Love For Me

In love there’s a risk that your heart you can lose
Still I can’t imagine my life without you
And all these feelings I have are brand new
And here to stay
Sun shines brighter now when you are near
All my troubles they just disappear
Lyrics and melody for you my dear
To sing along
Because real love won’t go away
Not forever or someday
You are the love for me always
You are the love for me
There are times when my heart plays a trick
The fear inside is just black magic
Please forgive me when I vanish so quick
I never meant you no harm
Track Name: Blinded By A Fantasy
Blinded By A Fantasy

The night is cold and the sky is black
Just like your beating heart
I pray you never come back
Leaves fall far from the tree
The wind carries them away
Just like you from me
Don’t stop to say goodbye
On your way out of the door
Your voice is a cannon that can start a war
With your empty lies and promises
I’ve heard them all before
I should have known
I should have seen
The writing on our bedroom wall
I was blinded by a fantasy
Track Name: I Don't Like You (Anymore)
I Don’t Like You (Anymore)

I’m counting all my blessings
Since you’re gone
I can’t count all the tears
Because they’re none
You might think I’m crazy
I’ve lost my mind there’s no mistaking
But the day my heart was breaking
I was fine
Because I don’t like you
No I don’t like you
Well I don’t like you
California’s winter is confusing
Hot as hell won’t melt your snowball heart
Guardian angels watch over me
Every step I’m taking
But the day my heart was breaking
I was fine
Say hello to a new day
Life seems better in every way
Goodbye trouble and goodbye pain
And goodbye to you
On life’s open highway
At the speed of sound I’m racing
But the day my heart was breaking
I was fine
Because I don’t like you
No I don’t like you
Well I don’t like you
Track Name: Swoopin'

You waltzed right out never said goodbye
Leaving me and the cat behind
To walk around in circles
Asking each other why
Is there someone new
Who came swoopin’ down on you
I remember all the times
You were chattin’ online
The days pass and the nights never end
Alone in a love chair channel surfing again
Frozen like my dinner
Waiting for my heart to mend
Love is as kind as it is cruel
Now is the time to stop loving you
You waltzed right out never said goodbye
Track Name: My Greatest Love Of All
My Greatest Love Of All

You say I need to let you go
And set you free but you should know
That my heart breaks and tears fall
‘Cus you were always my greatest love of all
I never dreamt this day would come
The words you said, “this time I’m gone”
Now my heart aches for you to call
‘Cus you were always my greatest love of all
My greatest mistake I always regret
How long must I curse the day that we met
The promise of love keeps us yearning
In this world so small
’Cus you were always my greatest love of all
To you I’ll say I’ll make amends
And learn to play the field again
Around my heart I’ll build a wall
‘Cus you were always my greatest love of all
Track Name: Bird In A Cage
Bird In A Cage

Everyone will let you down
Everything you try won’t work out
You think you’re flying high
But brother, you ain’t left the ground
You say your prayers but they won’t be heard
God is busy and he don’t like you
He just points and laughs
At all the crazy assinine things you do
Saying Ha Ha Ha, He He He
All the stupid humans they just entertain me
Jumping up and down like a bunch of flees
Draining the earth of all its beauty
He He He, Ha Ha Ha
So you went to the moon and you drove a car
You fancy yourself pretty smart
You’re just a bird in a cage
That never went far
Born unwanted with a family curse
Life as a loner goes from bad to worse
You’re searching for Jesus
But he left the church about a month ago
I heard he was living down in Oceanside
Turning salt water into cheap red wine
Drunk on the beach laughing all the time
Under the starry skies
Change in your pocket now you’re almost broke
Like your heart that melted down an icy slope
Your dream of swinging from a heavy rope
Won’t come true
Words in the good book are as clear as day
If you murder yourself there’ll be hell to pay
You’re just a bad actor in God’s own play
And he’s laughing out loud at you
Saying Ha Ha Ha, He He He
All the stupid humans they just entertain me
Jumping up and down like a bunch of flees
Draining the earth of all its beauty
He He He, Ha Ha Ha
So you went to the moon and you drove a car
You fancy yourself pretty smart
You’re just a bird in a cage that never went far
Everyone will let you down
Everything you try won’t work out
You think you’re flying high
But brothers and sisters, we ain’t left the ground
Track Name: Charlotte's Grave
Charlotte’s Grave

Walking around an old cemetery
On a cold autumn day
Words carved in stone on a forgotten grave
Charlotte, she died on her birthday
A beloved wife and a loving mother
Died way too young
At 23 her days were done
Scotland was where she came from
Long ago in days have passed
When Charlotte was just a young lass
She’d run through fields of tall green grass
A free spirit with wild red hair
Now on a boat she spends her nights
Dreaming of her brand new life
A letter from her true love came
His poetry swept her heart away
She left her husband and 2 children
With sweet memories
April 9th, 1863
Departed from earth rest in peace
Her family came to pay their respects
They would stand right here
Bringing flowers and prayers and tears
But nobody stood here for years
Track Name: Old Photographs
Old Photographs

1963 was the year the world found me
I come out singing at the sound of the bell
Could play guitar by the age of 12
Mama told me live life right
Learn to read music stay outta fights
Wearing thick glasses I was outta sight
For everyone to tease
Old photographs
Are memories appearing like a newsflash
Yesterday is gone
Can never come back again
1976 was the year I couldn’t predict
We moved to America where palm trees grow
A stranger in a land I didn’t know
I met a guy who wrote his own songs
I joined his band learned to sing along
We traveled the world and beyond
For everyone to hear
1999 I went to Paris for the first time
Sitting on a couch with my new found dad
We talked about all the years we never had
He said son, live your life right
Don’t smoke cigarettes and find a rich wife
We listened to opera and drank red wine all night
The way everyone should be
Here comes the 21st century
You can download my songs for free
Talking to myself with my pen all alone
Trying to find the perfect rhyme to my poem
So many mountains left to climb
So many dreams so little time
Follow your heart and be kind
To everyone you meet
Old photographs
Are memories appearing like a newsflash
Yesterday is gone
Can never come back again
Old days are gone
Remembering the places that I came from
Ain’t it funny how life marches on
And on, and on and on
Track Name: Right Or Wrong
Right Or Wrong

Well I’ll tell you all the dreams I have
I’ll write them in a song
Feelings from my pen to paper
They ain’t right or wrong
Sometimes my heart breaks into pieces
And I ain’t where I belong
Out of my tree is what I’m feeling
But that ain’t right or wrong
There’s just one thing for certain
I promise you will see
It’s never too late to be the person
You were meant to be
Well I traveled all the way to Melbourne
Saint Kilda feels like home
Down Chapel Street no one sees you
But that ain’t right or wrong
Miles away I had this thought
So I wrote it in a song
In a God I’m a true believer
I may be right or wrong
There’s just one thing for certain
I promise you will see
It’s never too late to be the person
You were meant to be
A princess waits
For her prince charming
But he may never come
Who says fairytales can’t harm you
But that ain’t right or wrong
And all the friends I’ve made along the way
And those who are gone
They didn’t know how to leave or stay
But that ain’t right or wrong
I’ll tell you all the dreams I have
When I wake up from my sleep
Track Name: Ocean Of Memories "Live" with Jason Mraz
Ocean Of Memories

Life is a mystery why we're all here
For words I am now at a loss
So I smoke every stick in the box
Gone are the days that my Grandfather knew
Long ago and so far away
I reminisce for hours by his grave
A heartbeat keeps you on your feet
Eyes that are open
Recording an ocean of memories
So many roads led me down the wrong way
So many lies I believed
So I take a nap under a tree
Wake up to hear myself saying out loud
Don't dream your life
Live your dreams
Mystery solved so it seems